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When she's not busy catching up on the latest Netflix series, Samantha keeps busy by scrolling through the vast Twitterverse. Don’t judge her for having her eyes glued on her tech gadgets for too long, she’s just on a hunt for new memes and funny dog videos– which are pretty useful conversation starters for any kind of social setting!

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SMEs and Funding in Cambodia: An Overview

(English) Contributing to both economic and social development, it is a well-known fact that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are important drivers to any economy and this especially the case in Cambodia. Find out how the Cambodian government is offering more solutions to SMEs to increase financial inclusivity!


Proposing with One Of SmartStart’s Top 5 Winners– Propey

(English) Hear from the 5 winning teams from the SmartStart Young Innovator Programme as they enter their incubation phase! This week, we talked to Bolin Prak, Co-Founder of Propey, a platform set to help couples with their wedding preparations!


Technovation 2018 Accepting Applications Till 7 March

(English) Technovation 2018 is open for applications! With the aim of closing the tech gender gap, Technovation offers girls aged 10 to 18 from all over the globe a chance to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through the usage of technology.


The IVLP Experience with Langda Chea, CEO of BookMeBus

(English) As part of our first instalment of “The IVLP Experience”, hear from Langda Chea, CEO of BookMeBus, about his very own experience in IVLP and his future plans after his exciting stay in the USA!

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