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About Joseph Soh

Deciding which gadget to buy has always been the toughest decision in Joseph’s life – he took three months to decide between a Galaxy Note and an iPad(and still made the wrong decision). Nevertheless, he enjoys checking out the latest gadgets and the stories behind their success. When he isn’t writing for Geeks In Cambodia, Joseph can be found singing, eating or on his Xbox.

Posts by Joseph Soh:


Cambodia’s First Fully Digital E-Commerce App Launches in 8 Days

(English) Built by the team at Pathmazing, Tesjor will be launched as Cambodia’s first e-commerce app with full digital payments on 16 February 2017


Asia’s Leading IoT Event Returns in March 2017!

(English) Award Winning Conference IoT Asia returns for yet another edition in 2017


Liger Cambodia’s team wins VEX Robotics Judges Award

(English) Cambodia’s first entrant to the VEX Robotics Competition from Liger Learning Centre earned a judges award


Liger Cambodia’s Botjitsu Project

(English) In the first of a two-part series, Geeks in Cambodia sits down with Liger Learning Centre’s Botjitsu team who have embarked on a robotics exploration

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