iPhone Case of the month : SuperHero Style !

Every month, we pick some iPhone cases to be elected “iPhone case of the month”. This month, Super Hero style made it to the top…

If you secretly dream of becoming a superhero, these awesome cases for iPhone might catch your attention !

1. Bandai – Batmobile

Check this awesome iPhone case that transforms your iPhone into Batman’s Tumbler. It is not bullet-proof but will still protect your iPhone from shocks and drops. It even comes along with a small flashlight that project the bat symbol. As the case costs around $57, you have to be a huge Batman fan to acquire such a work of art…

iphone case batman

2. Marvel – Iron Man Mark VII Protective case

Dress your iPhone with the official Iron Man’s armor case ! The case features a white led reflector for Iron Man power light. You can also open the shoulder to remove the camera cover. Built for Iron Man superfans, the case is a beastly protective shield even if we’re not sure whether it has been made in the same metal that covers Tony Stark…

iphone case iron man

3. DC – The Superman Caped case

Put your iPhone into this case and it instantaneously will fly away and fire intense laser pulses through the camera oculus ! No, seriously, the iconic cape will perfectly suit the superman fans ! The case will protect the phone as the real Man of Steel would do…

iphone case superman

We hope you enjoyed those Super Hero cases and invite you to submit your iPhone case selection for the next month edition !

Sources : GizmodoMobile BrandoGizmodiva