iPhone Case Of The Month: Pump It, Louder

We use our iPhones for a myriad of reasons, but most of those functions require sound. Be it games, ringtones, music or even GPS, audio is a crucial aspect of our phones. This month, we show you the cases that can bring your audio adventure to a higher level and of better quality.


Created by former Microsoft employees, Amp uses advanced technology to increase the loudness of sound from your iPhone. Not only that, it can also personalise your audio experience.

AMP iPhone 2

Amp has a built-in microphone that will measure the sounds in your environment and adjusts its loudness and audio style. True personalisation comes in the form of learning your music preferences and hearing pattern in order to provide you with the best experience.

Learn more about Amp in the video below:

CandyShell Amped

This case is not actually a speaker, but it can make the sound output from your iPhone two times louder and clearer. Additionally, it will not drain your phone battery! CandyShell’s Amped Case has a unique inner design that amplifies and equalises your iPhone’s audio.


Amped’s hard shell exterior also provides impact protection for your iPhone, all while being sleek and slim.

Zagg Speaker Case

Want a multi-purpose speaker? The speaker on this Zagg case is detachable, and works with Bluetooth technology so you can place it anywhere you want. It contains a 1800mAh battery that powers the speaker, which can also be used to charge your phone if required.


Pump up your life with better audio quality today! You will always be the life of the party.