iPhone Case Of The Month: Go Glow!

For this series of iPhone case of the month, we are going to discover one of the coolest cases which not only protects your iPhone from bumps and scratches; they also glow in the dark! During the day these cases will look like any ordinary smartphone case in the market, but when it gets dark, that’s where these cases truly shine.

Slickwraps glow series case.


Our first contender is the Slickwraps glow series case. While most glow-in-the-dark cases only cover the back of the case, Slickwraps have it all covered, literally. This unique iPhone case comes complete with a multi-piece wrap for the camera port, the bottom grill, the volume buttons and even the front of the iPhone. It might be a hassle to install the stickers piece by piece but the end results is a complete glowing coverage, front, back and even the sides of your iPhone. If your idea of a glow-in-the-dark iPhone case is complete illumination, this will definitely be the case you want to get.

i-Glow iPhone Cases

Next on our list, we have the i-Glow iPhone Case, a duo-tone shock resistant hybrid case. While it might look like a typical bright colored smartphone cover, this case is more than just looks. Not only does it glows, it features a debit/credit card pocket in the interior of the case, a stylish streamline ergonomic design for better grip and anti shock flexibility in the form of a dual layer structure of the silicone and polycarbonate lining.

Aztec Pattern style iPhone hard cases

Last but not least, we have the intricate and stunningly designed Aztec pattern style iPhone hard cases. This series of simple yet eye-catching hard cases would be suitable for those whom are accustomed to changing their iPhone covers frequently for variety. These hard cases are a beauty to look at with their Aztec-inspired designs, both during the day and night. The best part is these cases come in a variety of designs to choose from and are definitely more affordable than the premium iPhone cases.

So, which of these is your favourite glow-in-the-dark cases or would you prefer just a regular case for your daily smartphone protection needs?

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