Introduction to Social Engineering

Danger lurks where people least expect it to be and by the time they realised it, the damage might have already been done. That is why Mr Michael Knuetel comes forward with his knowledge in information technology to share about social engineering (SE).

The talk will be held on May 5, 2016 at 6pm before the start of the CONNECT@CoLab Pop-Up Bar.

According to TechTarget, SE is a type of tactic that manipulates people to reveal their confidential information. Techniques can vary and victims usually end up revealing their password or bank information due to SE.

Mr Knuetel will be discussing several topics regarding SE. He will cover areas such as what SE is, why it is important to know about it and how it works. He will also be sharing countermeasures to SE and answering questions from the audience.

After Mr Knuetel’s talk will be CoLAB’s monthly networking meet-up and popup bar, where different professionals can come together to network and have a few drinks.

Everyone is invited to the event. For more information, visit their Facebook Event Page.