Introducing Android 5.0 Lollipop – Take A Lick At This

Packed with several new features from a whole new material design to personalised notifications, take a lick out of this stunning new update from Android.

Google introduces a whole new interface for the Android user, it not only improves the look of the Android interface but also it’s interactivity. The material design on the Android Lollipop incorporates the elements of both good design and innovation, enabling first time Android users to navigate swiftly on the new interface. Users can now cast real time shadows and enjoy 3D views on their device. The all new in-activity transitions also enables users to navigate seamlessly through various applications.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.03.20 pm

Photo Credits: Android

Notifications on the new Operating System (OS) are more dynamic than ever, enabling users to choose either to contract, expand or even mute individual notifications for a specific period of time. Based on your personal privacy settings and contacts you interact with more often, this intelligent new update helps you prioritise your notifications. Calls also appear on the top of the screen when in an app, preventing calls from interrupting your ongoing task and giving you the option to continue on with what you were doing or pick up the call.

As with every new OS update, comes the worry about the phone’s battery life. The Android Lollipop offers an exceptional battery life all thanks to its job scheduling Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This enables you to run certain jobs on your phone later in the day or under specific conditions. An example would be scheduling certain tasks to be performed only when the device is connected to WiFi or when the phone is charging. Users can easily reschedule tasks in order to prevent any potential battery drainage.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.02.54 pm

Photo Credits: Android

Multi-tasking is taken to a whole new level as you can now easily switch between various operations within an app itself. Let’s say you’re working on Google Drive, this update allows you to switch between various documents on your Drive itself.

The user profiles on the Lollipop, enables users to switch profiles in a matter of seconds. The Guest mode user profile temporarily creates a blank phone without access to all your apps and personal information. ‘Pinning’ an app is also available, ensuring that the user would not be able to exit a specific app. This function is perfect especially if you have young kids gaming on your phone or if a stranger borrows your phone!

You can take your Android to work with the all new secured work profile on your device. This profile secures and separates both work and personal notifications, even if both profiles are associated with the same app, allowing you to use your Android device for both work and play!