Interview with REASEI: The Developing Start-up

With a small team of 7 members, REASEI has been slowly but surely making a name for itself by developing both mobile and web applications for private and commercial sectors. The team, all developers, albeit in different fields, gives them an edge in the market with their developing knowledge.

The team of 7 has also earned a name for themselves by placing first in the National Business Plan Award. With a cash funding of USD$5000, the team had a budget to launch their start-up and thus their first project.

Following the latest development of their mobile application which aims to bring soccer lovers together, Geeks in Cambodia sat down with the team to find out more about what they do, what they plan to do and their goals for the future.


This interview has been edited for both clarity and flow.


Hello, let’s start with what your start-up does, so. What do you do?

Our start-up was formed since mid of 2014, and the main goal was to develop website and mobile applications for both iOS and Android. For the Main objective, our team wanted to develop local products that will provide benefits to local people of Cambodia and to have our own business and to be more independent.

The team behind REASEI, its members all have experience with developing applications, be it web or mobile.

The team behind REASEI, its members all have experience with developing applications, be it web or mobile.

So I heard that you developed a mobile application, sometime like a soccer-centric app, tell me more about it.

Our app name is SportPill, we developed it for local people who like football. Football lovers as we call it. The purpose to develop it is to help people to find the soccer pitch to play and to garner their members to play and to book the pitch and to also provide match management.

The application also allows users to organize match management challenges, post a match, which others can join, as well as an auto match function.




What is your business model?

From the end user perspective, the users are able to download the application for free, but the pitch owner will be charged from the booking system that we will integrate into the application.

We also earn some money from advertisement sponsorships.

How did the idea come to you?

One of my friends likes to play soccer, but he noticed that there were difficulties of booking a soccer pitch or field to play. Sometimes there isn’t a system to book the fields properly so my friend suggested the idea that we build a mobile management system where users are able to book a mobile application through their phones to book the pitch. Pitch owners can then see the bookings made automatically on their screen.

We also noticed that a soccer game needs more people, so the idea to collect people to play soccer, and to gather these people to form a team was the main drive.

Previously, if you want to play football, you can call a friend, then he calls his friend, and we will need a lot of people to play, sometimes I can only get 5 people, so how will one be able to play football without the correct number of people?

What do you think is the reach of your soccer app? What is the impact that it will have on the locals?

Firstly, we want to target the football lovers in Phnom Penh, then afterwards, we want to raise awareness of the app in the provinces. After that, we will spread it in South East Asia. It’s our future plan.

Do you have any advice for aspiring start-ups out there?

1. First they have to find out what problem they want to solve and then think if they have the skills to do that. If they do, then go for it, if they don’t, then they will need to think about what skills they will need.

2. Age is just a number, and don’t be afraid to start.

3. Teamwork is very important, sometimes we have very different ideas, but team spirit is very important, so that we can work together to achieve our goals.

4. Startup, first thing is to choose the right team, set a goal that everyone agrees on and they must be willing to work together. That is the most important thing. Before we build the app, remember to build the team spirit, you can go further, if that is not present, it will be a bad team.

Do you think team spirit is a problem for budding entrepreneurs in Cambodia?

We experienced it before, other teams have members with different objectives, so from the start already fail, and they cannot work together. We have to adapt each other, which ideas can work, which one can adjust and to use which one.

Finally, if you had a chance to enter regional start-up competitions, would your team go for it?

If we have a chance, we will. We are very competitive; we will take on the challenge.


To follow REASEI as well as SportPill, and to find out more about what they do, click here for their Facebook Page.