InSTEDD iCamp Cambodia – let our brains work together!

Finding something to fuel your brain on a Wednesday? The InSTEDD iCamp is a regional innovation laboratory that is inviting technologists and those with an understanding of social challenges to come and join the camp on 9th December 2015, 8:00am to 5:30pm. All of you that are ready to exercise your brain and are up for this brain camp should report to the Phnom Penh Centre, Building E, and 4th Floor.

InSTEDD iCamp focuses on the core to help you identify your problems and gather ideas to solve them, it aims to help you learn how to design and prototype ICT4D solutions that fit concrete problems.

During the course of the iCamp, you will be walked through 4 different phases. The first being the stage where you start defining a problem. After identifying the problem, then it is brainstorm time. After spilling the ideas out from your heads, the ideation process will begin, as you will be forming ideas and concepts. Finally, it is time to co-design early prototypes and watch your ideas come to live!

All you need for the iCamp? Your use case (problem) that needs input and an open mind! An open mind is a window for learning.

You can also expect to take home a rapid analysis of your use case and multiple ideas for solving it and bag early application and solution designs. Now that your brain has absorbed all of that information, why not experience it for yourself? Registrations are now open and will be closed on the 17th November 2015 so act quickly here!