Impact Xchange: A Third Sector Marketplace for Tasks in Cambodia

Impact Xchange is an online task marketplace for NGOs and development agencies, connecting organisations with professionals who can complete required tasks and assignments.

Co-founded 6 months ago by Roya Karimnia and Joseph Telfer, and initially called NGOExchange, Cambodia-based Impact Xchange aims to streamline the entire working process, saving organisations’ money and giving professionals across the world a chance to make extra money using their skills, Ms. Karimnia explained to Geeks in Cambodia.

“When I moved I here saw how many NGOs there were, it is a huge sector. The problem I faced was that I couldn’t find the right work that matched my skills.”

“There are organisations that need access to the right skills but are limited by their networks and then there are worldwide professionals that want to work for good causes, but they don’t know how to reach out or don’t know how to find,” she noted.

The platform builds on the “gig economy” model that has been proven by well-known private sector companies such as Grab and Airbnb; professionals simply sign up and input their skills and interested organisations can choose the best fit, wherever they are in the world.

By basing their operations in Cambodia, they hope to tap into the “tonnes of NGOs, social enterprises and organisations whose mission is to create positive social impact in Cambodia.”

“There are also a lot of NGOs who are transitioning to becoming social enterprises/for profit businesses, which is fantastic, but this means they require access to more skills which is what we are focused on providing by giving them access to a global workforce. There’s also a lot of talented young Cambodian professionals who would benefit from getting access to the global job market,” she added.

In the first 6 months, more than 200 professionals have signed up, as have some 120 organisations, and Roya  is optimistic for the platforms future.

“We are working with some big organisations and we want to incorporate and integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our system, where we can gamify that so that every organisation specifies goals, and every professional can earn points working towards that goal. We hope to be facilitators of impact.”

If you are a professional who wants to work for good causes, sign up and post your skills on the platform HERE.