Impact Hub: Social Entrepreneurship Launchpad Phnom Penh is back!

The highly anticipated social entrepreneurship workshop by Impact Hub is back in Phnom Penh! Known as the ‘Social Entrepreneurship Launchpad’, the idea behind this workshop is to act as a ‘Launchpad’ to help participants embark on their journey on becoming an entrepreneur via 9 different steps. By touching on how you can develop your concept into one that grows into a successful business, this workshop provides the opportunity to learn the ropes of being an entrepreneur and the basics of transforming your idea into a viable proposition. Perfect for inspiring passionate entrepreneurs who want to solve a social problem through business.

Over these 3 days, attendees will be trained on how to to tackle a social or environmental problem affecting the community by creating an effective solution. More than just focusing on the problems, you will also get the chance to learn about the business aspect such as how to develop a strong value proposition, an innovative business model and how to build a sustainable financial plan. Throughout the workshops, the focus will also be on creating an inspirational vision and mission in order to make sure that your project stays sustainable and leaves a positive and scalable impact.

During this 56-hour workshop, be prepared to be inspired as each team will be supported by an experienced mentor. The teams will also be exposed to Cambodian specific case studies and hear from experienced Khmer entrepreneurs. However, more than just the learning, the weekend will end with pitches as there will be an opportunity for you to pitch your venture to a panel of real-life investors and entrepreneurs to get their professional input and advice.

After the workshop, attendees will not only learn the necessary skills to build a business, but will also receive 1 certificate to mark their completion of the workshop. Everyone from students, staffs to businessmen are welcomed to attend this workshop that only costs $10, which is inclusive of lunches and beverages over the 3 days.

The details of the workshop are as follows:

What: Social Entrepreneurship Launchpad

When: 29 – 31 Jan 2016

Where: Zaman University

Time: 5pm – 6pm

If you are interested to take part in this workshop, register via this link by 25th Jan 2016. To find out more information, you can check out their Facebook page here.

You can also take a look at the previous Social Entrepreneurship Launchpad that was held in Sihanoukville to see what went down at the workshop. Check out the video here.