Impact Hub Hosts Impact Talks – Tech For Good

Impact Hub Phnom Penh will be hosting its third talk, Tech For Good, next Thursday. This time, they will be sharing outstanding contemporary projects that involve the latest technology innovations, made for social good!

This talk is in line with the current education technology (EdTech) trend, where companies, with the help of the Cambodian Government, integrate technology into the curriculums of schools to help the next generation of Cambodians have a better education.

Impact Hub will showcase four different projects at this event, all of which have made a significant contribution towards helping the Cambodian society.

The first project that will be featured involves Mind-Controlled Robots that aim to help the disabled. Created by engineering students from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Cheat Morokot and speaker for the project Oem Daro, this innovation uses a neuron headset to control a robotic wheelchair to move in any direction they please with just a thought.

The second project that will be introduced is the Khmerism Keyboard Layout. As the Khmer language does not use the Roman alphabet, founder and speaker for the product Mr Lyheng Phuoy initiated this project to facilitate a more efficient and convenient way to type in Khmer on computers and mobile devices.

This innovation re-organises the Khmer letter positions on the keyboard based on the keys that are used the most. This layout is a huge improvement from the currently used Khmer Unicode, a free Khmer font software used by Cambodians to digitally read and write in Khmer, without having to install the Khmer font in their devices.

The next project that will be shared is the Mobilituk, which has also been featured in Impact Hub’s most recent Happy Hour Talk. Mobilituk is Cambodia’s first wheelchair accessible tuk-tuk, developed by Agile Development Group. Speaker and Project Manager Khim Bun will share more about their aims to transform the transportation system in Cambodia.

The final project that will be showcased is named Edemy: Digital Education for Remote Schools, which aims to provide quality English education to everyone. Founder and speaker Kagnarith Chea will be sharing more about how the project strategically uses new technology to bring offline content to remote schools in Cambodia.

To catch all these exciting projects in one night, sign up right now at then head on down to Impact Hub Phnom Penh on October 6, from 6pm to catch Tech For Good. Take note though, that all presentations will be in Khmer.

See you on October 6!