Hour of Code Introduces Coding to Cambodia’s Youth

In the first week of December, over 30 events took place in the Kingdom as part of global coding movement Hour of Code, introducing many young Cambodians to a crash course in basic computer science and hopefully inspiring a new generation of tech geeks.

The participants at STEP IT Academy, one of the participating institutions in Cambodia, were introduced to the basics of coding thanks to a block-based game using Minecraft interface. Certificates were then distributed to the participants at the end of the hour — and you can access these activities for free if interested.

“They were shown that coding is not always hard and serious but that it can be fun, and simple. I hope some of them are now thinking about learning how to code! There are so many programming jobs opportunities in Cambodia, it is a very promising and booming sector,” STEP IT Academy Business Development Manager Alice Duforest.

The events in Cambodia formed part of the “Hour of Code” global movement that takes place in the first week of December every year. Over 100 million students have taken part in Hour of Code, giving lots of people a fun first introduction to computer science.

Now in its third run in Cambodia, and supported by the U.S. Embassy, Geeks in Cambodia is proud to have been the outreach partner for this year’s coding.

With more students and institutions taking part each year, including more young women and girls (but lots of room for more!), it is exciting to see interest in basic computer coding across Cambodia, and we look forward to seeing what will take place next year.