Highlights from MSP & Raintree’s Cambodian Startup Report

A report summary by Mekong Strategic Partners (MSP) and Raintree Development was released at this year’s inaugural Cambodia Tech Summit, presenting a snapshot of their deep look at the Kingdom’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

The full report promises to be the first to look at the entire ecosystem, presenting statistics, insights, facts, and research findings. While we all wait for the full report, Geeks in Cambodia was able to get some of the key findings, and here are some key highlights we are really excited about:

  • By Q2 2018, Cambodia had seen at least 12 tech startup funding announcements, a 140% increase over 2017.

  • There’s an increasing number of project-based learning opportunities – with over 20 pitching competitions, hackathons, and seed-stage startup programmes this year alone.

  • 85% of startup founders are Cambodian, a great sign for the sustainable future of the economy.

Despite the leaps and bounds entrepreneurship is making, there is still room for improvement, the report found, with 52% and 44% of founders finding universities in Cambodia inadequate in preparing students for a career in entrepreneurship and technology respectively.

With almost 80% of founders stating that information about funding opportunities is hard to find, and 61% and 47% of founders finding legal and tax advice, and mentoring “difficult or impossible to access” respectively, there’s definitely room to grow, and this has helped us at Geeks think of new articles and areas to focus on, to better help our readers!

Geeks in Cambodia is optimistic for the future of Cambodia’s vibrant tech startup ecosystem and we look forward to receiving the full report. We will of course write about it when we do!