Help Khmer become the top language in the Translate Community: Google I/O Challenge!

Since the launch of the Google Translate Community 10 months ago, users who could understand two or more languages globally have been consistently updating language translations and checking / approving popular phrases on the platform in order to improve the experience for others.

In conjunction with the ongoing two-day Google I/O, the “Translate Commuity: Google I/O Challenge” will be held from the 26th May to the 5th of June. In case you didn’t know, Google I/O is a two-day event focused on delving into future trends for technology, mobile, and beyond.

All Google I/O participants, including both onsite and offsite, have the chance to contribute their language to Google. Over 5,000,000 contributions are expected by the end of the challenge!

So, Cambodians, listen up! Do your part now and help Khmer get to the top translated language in the community, and you might even walk away with a certificate from Google!

The more contributions we have, the higher the quality of the Khmer translations will be! The steps are relatively simple, and will not take long before you can start contributing as well!

Step 1: Sign up for an account at the Translate Community

Step 2: Choose your languages, then you can start contributing your translations / validating common phrases

Step 3: Spread the love on social media pages and get more people to contribute as well! Use these official hashtags: #i015 and #loveyourlanguage

Follow Google Translate’s Google+ page to get the latest update and see which languages are coming out on top! What’s more, if you are one of the top high-quality contributors, you will be awarded with a Google Translate certificate for your linguistic capabilities. And if that isn’t enough to tempt the linguist in you, the Google Translate community might even surprise you with a shout out on their social media channels!

Sign up today, and help to improve Khmer translations for people all the world! Only 7 days left to help the Khmer language be a part of the leaderboard!