Introducing Google Glass

Google Glass, defined as a “wearable computer”, is a project developed by Google, not released yet, but already tried by few lucky users.

The item features a voice recognition function allowing to send messages, translate, ask to take pictures, record videos, launch Internet search queries… (Internet connexion made through wi-fi or bluetooth). You can also live share what you see, and use map directions as a GPS.

Hands-free and voice commanded, with a head-mounted display, those high-tech eyeglasses give a very special and unique experience to their user.

Although the item is not likely to be available on the market until next year, it is already in the spotlight. Indeed, some developers have already started creating apps in direction to Google Glass future users, resulting with Google making it very clear that they wouldn’t let any developer starting to make profit on Google Glass yet. Also, some casinos from Las Vegas have announced their restrictions towards this “gadget”, already banned from Caesar Palace for instance.

While some testers already declared they couldn’t live without their Google Glass, we’re going to have to wait until they’re publicly released to make our mind about it. In the meantime, you can discover “How it feels” with Google Glass :