GigaGigs: Revolutionising Market Research in Cambodia!

On August 5, Smart announced its brand new innovative mobile crowdsourcing platform, GigaGigs by Smart! The new digital service will allow businesses to outsource tasks involving market data to the general public, ranging from customer service surveys to checking how products are displayed at a retail store.

“In the era of Big Data, businesses need access to up-to-date, relevant and actionable data to run their businesses more efficiently. With GigaGigs by Smart, businesses can crowdsource that data in a convenient and easy way as well as incentivize consumers for their involvement,” said Thomas Hundt, Chief Executive Officer of Smart Axiata.

Thomas Hundt giving his address at the GigaGigs conference

The first of its kind in Cambodia, the platform can allow tasks can be uploaded onto the platform upon request from businesses for free, while consumers receive incentives to carry out carrying out the tasks. This creates new ways for businesses to collect feedback and market data, gaining valuable insights, perception and data to improve their services for consumers.

“Traditional ways of doing market research and gathering data are often slow and expensive but with GigaGigs by Smart, it is as simple as uploading a task to the app and then retrieving first hand ‘boots on the ground’ data from actual consumers,” added Kow Kuan Hua, Managing Director and Founder of GigaGigs Southeast Asia.

The application allows consumers to share their location and verify the task as completed. Then they can upload photos or videos of the stores or products they have been tasked to review.

For more information and updates about GigaGigs by Smart, email or visit Smart’s website.