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Gadget Review : iPhone Telephoto Lens

Today’s gadget is a lens, compatible with iPhones devices, that gives your phone the power of  a telephoto.

The item comes with a case, allowing it to be twisted on the iPhone.

Once installed on the iPhone, you can take photos with a fixed zoom that is almost 12 times more powerful. Here … More


A Portable Solar Battery for iPhone

Although we’re currently entering the rainy season here in Phnom Penh, it is still obvious that Cambodia is a sunny country ! And if like us you also get grumpy when it’s time to pay the electricity bill, what about charging your phone for free thanks to the sun ?
As you may assume, we’re talking about … More


Unleash your phone’s inner console!

As we’re addicted to mobile gaming and gadgets at the same time, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to introduce today’s gadget : an adapter turning your smartphone into a console !
This adapter can be paired with controllers initially made for a PlayStation3 use. The whole thing (controller + adapter) can be attached to some Android devices for … More


Introducing Celluon Magic Cube

At Geeks in Cambodia we’re very fond of every kind of tech gadgets, and we’re more than happy to share our picks with our readers.
Today, we’d like to introduce the Celluon Magic Cube, a virtual (laser) projection keyboard, coming along with a virtual multi-touch mouse.

How does it work ?
More than easy. … More


Introducing Google Glass

Google Glass, defined as a “wearable computer”, is a project developed by Google, not released yet, but already tried by few lucky users.
The item features a voice recognition function allowing to send messages, translate, ask to take pictures, record videos, launch Internet search queries… (Internet connexion made through wi-fi or bluetooth). You can also live share … More

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