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Gadget Review : The Voltmaker

As we like to share tips on iPhone’s gadgets, today’s pick is focused on an accessory that can also be used with iPhones, smartphones and other devices such as tablets or handheld game console for instance.

The Voltmaker gadget is a charger, which use can be quickly understood thanks to its tagline : “Completely … More


Gadget Review : i’m Watch, the Smartwatch

Today’s gadget is a kind of hybrid between a watch and a smartphone. As a watch, the device provides you with everything you would expect from a regular one. It displays time and date, and also features an alarm clock function.
But further than this, the device can also fulfill some requirements you’d have towards … More


Gadget Review : iPhone Multiport Charger

For all the Apple nerds around, we assume you’ve experienced, like us, some logistics problems when it’s time to recharge several of your devices, and having only one charger…
Well today’s gadget will definitely solve the problem ! Initially defined as an iPhone charger, this item can also be used to charge all at once … More


Gadget Review : Reflector

Today’s gadget picked by Geeks in Cambodia is not litteraly a gadget, it is foremost a mobile app. But, considering the use of this app, we decided it clearly deserved to be highlighted in our gadget section !
So what is the « Reflector app » about ?
Firts, all you need to start is, a smartphone or tablet … More


iPhone case of the month : Yummy style

Every month, Geeks in Cambodia picks a model of iPhone case to be elected “iPhone case of the month”. We invite our readers to suggest their finds according to their preferences. This month submissions led us to the Yummy style !

A “sweet” festival of candies, cookies, cupcakes, lollies, popsicles and chocolates to turn … More

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