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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung recently unveiled three new products during Samsung Unpacked event, a public presentation that took place in both Berlin and New York on Wednesday September 4th.
Samsung then revealed the “Galaxy Gear” smartwatch, along with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1. The three devices will be available from September 25 in 149 countries.


Gadget Review : Kite patch, or when technology serves health issues

Today’s gadget relies on a very specific technology, that can improve a major part of the life of people living in Cambodia, and other areas affected by diseases transmitted by mosquitos.
Mosquitos are guilty of many diseases here, in Cambodia. From malaria, yellow-fever to dengue, these bloodsuckers have been evil plague from humans all along. … More


Gadget Review : Emotiv Insight Neuroheadset

As huge fans of sci-fi, Geeks in Cambodia looked towards the future of new technologies. Today we decided to focus on a science that allows you to control your electronic devices with nothing but a simple thought.
We discovered Emotiv Systems, an Australian company, pioneer in research and commercialization of neuro-technology products at a large … More


Gadget Review : Leap Motion

Leap Motion gadget seems to be about to revolutionize the way we use computers, with some cool 3-D Motion-Control features.
So what is Leap Motion ? It’s a new device launched by the motion-control company, featuring a software that allows people to control their computers with hand and finger movements. People can buy and download … More

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