Gadget Review: Microsoft HoloLens, Bring Holograms To Life

Already in the market exist various Virtual Reality devices, whether they lack in quality or are excellent but expensive. Left largely untapped as compared to VR is the world of Augmented Reality (AR). The ideas that Hollywood sells us about the future usually do not include VR, but they show us a desirable picture of a world where AR could improve lives. One such example is Tony Stark’s 3D computer in the Ironman series as seen below.

Iron Man Computer

It seems that Microsoft finally cracked the code and is coming up with the HoloLens, an Augmented Reality headset powered by Windows 10. This headset aims to blend user’s digital and real world seamlessly.

Microsoft Hololens Collage

The HoloLens can track your movements, see where your sight leads and effectively change what you see. Your visual will then be 3D objects around you, not inhibiting you from seeing and engaging with the real world – due to the transparent screen. It might just be a calendar hanging on your wall, your screen of apps hanging in front of you and such.

Microsoft Hololens Visual

In order to communicate and interact with these 3D images, you can use your voice as well as hand gestures.

The HoloLens will also feature built-in spatial sounds to let you hear your holograms. Watch this live demonstration where a lady attempts to build a 3D model using motion and voice sensors:

Check out the HoloLens here.