Gadget Review : Leap Motion

Leap Motion gadget seems to be about to revolutionize the way we use computers, with some cool 3-D Motion-Control features.

So what is Leap Motion ? It’s a new device launched by the motion-control company, featuring a software that allows people to control their computers with hand and finger movements. People can buy and download some applications using the 3-D motion technology on the Airspace platform, which one already provides 75 of them.

Built by developers from over 20 countries, the apps will definitely change our computing habits ! The technology can be used in a wide range of categories such as music creation, gaming and graphics modeling… The Airspace platform will constantly provide new apps, free or not, somehow like the App Store does.

The Leap Motion controller is a plug-in, meaning that it does not replace keyboards, mouses or stylus. Sleek, light and tiny, it won’t take space on your desktop, but you will control the space above it. It is an amazing and sophisticated technology that will track all your movements and display them in actions on screen. You can change perspectives, move objects around, control 3-D objects in one hand or with finger movement.

David Holz, a Ph.D student in applied mathematics from University of North Carolina, brought the idea of the Leap Motion. As for now, he has high expectations for the success of his motion sensor, and believes that it might “change the world” in a way. Although he also agrees on the fact that bringing some major changes on these types of interactions won’t happen overnight…

Initially planned on May 19th, the motion controller official launching was finally set up on July 22nd. “We have one opportunity to prove the world Leap Motion is a better way of interacting with computers, to deal with that, we have to take extra time to perfect the device”, say Co-founders Buckwald and Holz.

So far, the device is available on the company website at the price of 79.99$, and there is more to come : Leap Motion company is already thinking of spreading its technology over the smartphones, watches, TVs and even glasses according to the firm COO, Andy Miller.

Interesting facts : So far, the company already got 10 million dollars from their pre-sales, without any advertising campaign ! Also, more than 4000 developers already signed up to develop 3D applications. And last but not least, the company has received 45$ million in investments from business angels and venture capital firms…