Gadget Review : Kite patch, or when technology serves health issues

Today’s gadget relies on a very specific technology, that can improve a major part of the life of people living in Cambodia, and other areas affected by diseases transmitted by mosquitos.

Mosquitos are guilty of many diseases here, in Cambodia. From malaria, yellow-fever to dengue, these bloodsuckers have been evil plague from humans all along. The stings, often painless, can inoculate these serious diseases, and you may not have realized it before the first symptoms appears.

When it comes to defending ourselves against mosquitos, we have very few options. We may try synthetic lotions, aerosols or even natural essential oils based on lemongrass… But mosquitos are naturally “trained” to detect human scent. They are endowed with powerful olfactive capacities and sophisticated organs which allow them to detect the human blood. You may try hard to use a ton of repellent products to hide yourself, but it is not always 100% efficient.

Kite approached the problem from another point of view, and asked themselves a very simple question: “What if mosquitos could no longer detect human blood anymore?” Meaning, “what if humans and mosquitos could finally coexist on Earth?”. You may think it is impossible because mosquitos and humans have been at war for far too long, however Kite keeps claiming that the cohabitation is still a tenable option!

Kite created a patch that can help you becoming “invisible” to mosquitos for at least 48h. It relies on non-toxic components that block mosquitos’ skills to detect carbon dioxide in our blood. All you need to do is stick the patch on your clothes and expect to be undetectable for the next two days.

Kite dedicated its first patch to Uganda, a country deeply affected by malaria. The campaign raised many funds via the crowfunding site Indiegogo and received a great support from a large range of organizations involved in various humanitarian missions around the World.  According to the company, whether Uganda remains a priority, Kite does not forget the rest of humanity also affected by similar diseases. Patches will be available in approximately 1 year at a larger scale.

Kite patch gives us an excellent overview of a way for technology to serve health issues. If you appreciate the initiative, you are free to get involved in the campaign by supporting them on Indiegogo. In return, you can receive some of these special gadgets, along with other rewards.

Kite Patch from SPARKHOUSE on Vimeo.

Listing image designed by Pauline Pecorini