Funding for Cambodian social entrepreneurs with D-Prize

The D-Prize fund rewards entrepreneurs that increase access to proven poverty interventions. The deal is simple, there are many ways of reducing poverty, but a vast majority of them are not mass-scaled. As such, D-Prize will award the best ideas to mass-scale these solutions with $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty exists.

Any aspiring entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world regardless of their age or background can apply. For existing organizations, D-Prize will consider funding only if the company is piloting a new distribution-focused initiative and require high risk capital.

To apply, entrepreneurs must choose between the different challenges proposed by D-Prize. The challenges are as follows:

Girls Education – One challenge
- Reduce unintended teen pregnancies and HIV infections.

Agriculture – Three challenges
- Distribute improved seeds to farmers.
- Teach smallholder farmers how to use microdosing fertilizer to enhance crop yields.
- Any way to increase distribution of proven agriculture interventions to smallholder farmers.

Energy – Two challenges
- Sell solar lamps to replace kerosene lanterns.
- Sell cooking stoves and maintain long-term adoption rates to the 3 billion people using traditional stoves.

Global health – Two challenges
- Create a way to identify patients with obstetric fistula, cervical cancer, club foot, & cataracts and connect them to early treatment solutions.
- Develop an organization to train birth attendants to administer Misoprostol, a $3 drug that could prevent 100,000 maternal deaths from postpartum hemorrhaging.

Education – Two challenges
- Implement an effective curriculum to teach students in a resource-limited classroom.
- Launch an organization that develops students and their school performance, and makes the information publicly available to counter the high illiteracy rate.

Governance and infrastructure – One challenge
- Improve transparency and report data on the public service performance with public reporting and scorecards.

Custom – One challenge
- Choose an already proven poverty solution that is in need of distribution to more people in the developing world.

To know more about each category and each challenges, please visit the D-Prize website. Most of the challenges are located in sub-saharan Africa but D-Prize states that they will award the best ideas to mass-scale existing solutions with $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty exists.

The D-Prize process is divided into three rounds:
Round 1: Submit your resume and concept note. The early deadline is July 30, 2017 at midnight PT (July 31 at 2PM, Phnom Penh time). The regular deadline is August 20, 2017 at midnight PT (August 21 at 2PM, Phnom Penh time). The extended deadline is September 10, 2017 midnight PT (September 11 at 2PM, Phnom Penh time).
Round 2: Top 5% of entrepreneurs are invited to submit a full 10 page proposal. The selected entrepreneurs will have four weeks to submit this proposal.
Round 3: The jury will select a batch of to entrepreneurs and interview them by email or phone.

In December 2017, once the three rounds are finished, the jury will award the entrepreneurs with different fundings going up to $20,000. Following this funding, awardees will be able to launch their venture and help millions of people in need!

To get more information and apply, please visit D-Prize website.