Funding for Cambodian entrepreneurs with Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award

The Takeda Young Entrepreneurship Award is back for its 5th edition. Launched in 2013 by Takeda, one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia, this challenge rewards young entrepreneurs who challenge technological or social needs.

Anyone who is under 40 as of April 1st can apply, regardless of gender, affiliation, and nationality. Essentially, the basic requirement for is: “Any field that can improve the wellbeing of people.”.

The application is composed of two documents, one describing your project and the other showcasing what potential beneficiaries think of your idea. The description of your project will be a simple document divided into three sections:
- Background, what are the technological or social needs you have identified?
- Solutions, what is your solution to the need identified?
- Attempt, how deeply are you involved in resolving this need?

The second document called “Supporting Report” consists of a review of your project by one potential beneficiary. For example, if you develop a product to enhance agriculture productivity, your supporting report would consist of reviews of your project by farmers. This document must not exceed 300 words.

Once the application phase is completed, Takeda will review all applications and select some for individual presentations that will be held in October. The final selection will be announced in November. Takeda will select one Best Entrepreneur and five other Entrepreneurs. The Best Entrepreneur will receive a diploma, plaque and monetary prize of 1,000,000 Japanese yen which is equal to $8,926. The five other Entrepreneurs awarded will receive a diploma, plaque and a monetary prize of 200,000 Japanese yen which is equal to $1. The award ceremony will be held in February 2018. The awardees will also get the chance to attend a workshop with experts to develop their projects.

Applications are opened until July 31, you can find more information here. If what you read has already got you pumped and ready to be a part of it, then please follow this link to register!