Exciting News Ahead For SHE Investments

Last year, we introduced SHE Investments to you, a social enterprise dedicated to helping Cambodian women. Their main mission is to develop profitable and sustainable SMEs initiated by women here. What they do is to provide support – business incubator style – as well as mentoring and more.

SHE Investments’ vision is to alleviate poverty by providing these women a shot at building a business; to improve local economies; as well as bridge the gender gap in business and entrepreneurship.

We caught up with James Wilson, founder of SHE Investments, to find out how SHE Investments is progressing since the last chat. Having moved to Cambodia to further establish his social enterprise, James notes that they already have a partner on board. They are currently looking for a couple more who work with women in this capacity. This is in order to conduct monthly workshops, imparting business skills and knowledge to these women.

James asserts that they are after the right women who possess a great amount of ambition. Those who are truly passionate. It does not matter what type of business these Cambodian women are interested in, as long as they show significant motivation. After sourcing for these women, SHE Investments will then link them up with mentors appropriate to their field of interest.

These women will receive basic business training, lessons in marketing, critical thinking as well as problem solving, all crucial information needed to run a business. After they have developed their business plan, SHE Investments aims to link them with impact investors to help fulfill their dreams.

This month (February 2015), SHE Investments begins their crowdfunding campaign, in order to raise funds to support these entrepreneurs.