Everjobs Cambodia’s Online Labour Market 2016

The digital scene is growing exponentially in Cambodia – from an increase in the number of people connected to the Internet to an increase in the number of 3G & 4G mobile phone connections.

With the nation moving towards the digital age, it’s no wonder that more and more services are going online as well. We’re all familiar with platforms like Meal Temple for food delivery or using Facebook to buy household appliances or even houses!

Yet another service that has gone online is that of job applications. In this regard, everjobs.com.kh has established itself as one of the kingdom’s key players in online job recruitment.

The website clocks in an average of 7,500 daily visits and has a database of 40,000 CVs. In other words, the platform offers thousands of career opportunities within the Kingdom and gives job seekers support with its array of knowledge.

Known as the fastest growing online career portal, Everjobs has launched their second annual job report that has provided us with an overview of the Cambodian online job market.

Upon releasing the report, Gijs Verheijke, CEO of Everjobs Asia said, “We are glad that we can provide market key players in Cambodia with a well-rounded report on the current employment situation in the Kingdom.”

In the report, the Banking industry ranked at no.1 with the most number of job offers available. This ought to come as no surprise given the recent influx of mobile applications and online services available for banks such as i-banking, or mobile banking apps such as the ABA Mobile application.

The report also identifies the Information Technology (IT) sector as the industry that is gaining acclaim amongst job seekers. However, matching employer needs to employee skill sets for this sector presented a challenge as employers require a different set of skills as to what is currently available in the Kingdom.

Nonetheless, Geeks in Cambodia finds it encouraging to learn that there have been many online job seekers who are actively looking for jobs in the IT industry. This certainly reflects the country’s interest in fully progressing to the digital era and we believe it is a matter of time before Cambodians are equipped with all the skills necessary to leave their mark on the IT sector.

Everjobs Cambodia is approaching its third year of operations in the Kingdom since its creation in 2015. In addition to its Cambodian operations, the platform has also been established in countries all across Asia like Myanmar and Sri Lanka.