EmTech Singapore 2014: 35 Innovators Under 35 Competition

When the world’s oldest and most respected technology magazine decides to celebrate the year’s worth of technological breakthroughs with a chosen list of 35 stars, everyone is invited to the party. Drawing efforts from the public and an esteemed judging panel, MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 Competition will see the search for 35 innovators under 35 years of age. The selected group out of the nominations will be recorded in a prestigious list to acknowledge the past works’ impact and scale their potential for the future. In conjunction with the search, EmTech Singapore 2014 is currently looking for 10 innovators in Southeast Asia Australia and New Zealand, under the age of 35, who exemplify the spirit of innovation in business and technology in order to qualify for the regional Innovators Under 35 list.

The most prominent factor of the competition would be the emphasis on the innovators’ ages.  Firstly, nominees must be under 35 as of 1 October 2015 — which would mean that birthdays celebrating a later age should not happen before that date. Secondly, they must be citizens of (or work in) Southeast Asia countries; namely, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Australia or New Zealand.

Photo Credits: EmTech 2013 / Innovators Under 35 at EmTech

Photo Credits: EmTech 2013 / Innovators Under 35 at EmTech

Anyone who has a brilliant idea and has developed a project based on technological innovation and applied research can submit an entry. From inventors to humanitarians, entries from every field of research are accepted. Some of the work categories include biomedicine, computing, communications, energy, materials, web & Internet ventures, and transportation; while researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators from universities and research centers, start-ups, SMEs, corporations, and non-profit organizations are also all welcomed in the competition.

The judges will be seeking innovators who introduce new and better solutions that change the way people live or work. The work is viewed as breakthrough innovation and entries will be assessed on their capacity to make an impact on society as a whole, and to lead the future of technology. The people that comprise the list in the end will have accomplishments promising a dramatic impact on the world, as we know it. Whether you are an inventor with a new technology, or an entrepreneur turning your technology into a viable business, or part of the visionaries anticipating how technologies can make life better, or concentrating on expanding opportunities like a humanitarian, or even exploring the new frontiers and setting the stage for future innovations like a pioneer; this competition welcomes your name into the pool of future leaders in technology.

Nominations are currently opened till 22 August 2014, and it can be accessed here! For more information on the competition, check out their FAQs here or explore the 2013 selection here!