Dodohub : a new healthy social network

Getting rid off bad habits, and try to lead a healthier and more productive life… When it comes to good resolutions, needless to say we’re all struggling, and trying to achieve goals by oneself is even more difficult.

What if a social network could help us improve our habits, by gathering users facing the same problems, supporting each other in overcoming their issues ?

That’s what Dodohub was made for, propulsing a social platform dedicated to users habits.

So how does it work ?

You can register on the website, and then start building new habits just like you’d play a fun game.

Dodohub features allow you to start with browsing popular habits, but you can also add new ones if necessary :


Then you can divide each habit into some weekly targets :


And monitor your progress on each habit and goal targeted :


If you enjoy the fun and social features of the Dodohub platform, have a look at their jobs section, as they’re currently hiring !

The website was recently launched and is still at the beta stage, so stay tuned for more updates on this healthy and promising network!