Do you know the EzeCampus project?

Starting from 2010, EZECOM, one of the leading Internet services providers in Cambodia, made the move to support education in the country.

In this regard, they installed optic fiber in the main universities of Phnom Penh. They offered on top of that 10% discount on their packages to every students in Cambodia.

In 2012, they kept going with offering internet services, trainings and IT equipment to several schools across the country.

EZECOM recently  announced that so far, more than 65 000 students all around Cambodia took advantage of this project.

Furthermore, with optical cable networks and high speed Internet connexion, schools and universities will be able to upload educational resources, providing then access to distance learning solutions. It means numerous students across Cambodia will have access to online resources, documents and informations.

We’re very eager to cover the same kind of initiatives, and are looking forward to hearing about other companies contributing to Cambodia’s development, whether education or other fields are concerned.