Creative Social Media Campaigns for Advocacy : TechCamp Southeast Asia

TechCamps target key NGOs and marry them with digital experts in areas such mapping, mobile, voice, data collection, and social media awareness to create real time solutions“.

We had the great pleasure to be part of the March edition of TechCamp Phnom Penh focusing on “Capacity Building and Youth Empowerment through Technology”. At that time we got involved as mentor and judge for the grand challenge award.

This September, TechCamp Phnom Penh grows to become TechCamp Southeast Asia, gathering attendees from across Southeast Asian subregion. This edition highlights issues related to Human Trafficking, and aims at bringing some tech materials and tools for NGOs and CSOs in order to support their battle against Human Trafficking.

Relying on our passion for Social Good, and our experience in bridging Social Media and the Non-profit sector, it was a pleasure for us to bring some resources in terms of ways to use Social Media for advocacy purpose, and to raise awareness on specific issues.

In this regards, we decided to share some inspiring examples of campaigns used by organizations to convey strong messages, through Social Media and web resources.

You can discover our presentation below :