Congratulations To Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia 2019 Winners!

Geeks in Cambodia would like to congratulate the top teams who emerged from the Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia (TICC) final pitch on June 23 at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)!

More than 200 people attended the pitching event, including university students, mentors, investors and professionals from public and private sectors, who gathered to see the eight teams share their STEM-based solutions that tackle real world issues. Within a span of four weeks, the TICC students have worked hard to excel during their pitches, designing and developing their prototypes in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), e-commerce, ICT solutions, education, health, agriculture, energy, and food science.

“We have seen a gradual rise in ICT innovations in Cambodia in recent years. However, it is important to keep rekindling that spark of enthusiasm, creativity and innovation among our students, so that we can stay relevant and thrive in an evolving digital age,” said Mr Houng Sopheakdara, EZECOM’s Public Relations Manager during his opening remarks.

Here are the winners of the season:

  • 1st Place – Agri-Economiser: An application to help farmers remotely control their farm  with the ability to monitor and customise irrigation, temperature and soil moisture levels.

  • 2nd Place – Cam Cuisine: Providing various flavours of affordable and ready-to-eat Amok for busy people.

  • 3rd Place – V-Ball: Healthy vegetable meatballs compatible with a wide variety of cooking methods.

The top six teams were also awarded co-working space at ITC along with a ten-week incubation programme to develop their business ideas.

Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia 2019 Participants

French endowment fund Forica supports young Cambodians by providing funds and support to aspiring entrepreneurs. For the incubation programme, Forica is looking for business mentors to guide these budding talents along their journey with their skills and experiences. For those interested, sign up here!

For more information on TICC, visit their website, or their Facebook page.