Cambodia’s Startup & Entrepreneurial Community Share Their Advice

Over the past few months, Geeks in Cambodia has sat down with many entrepreneurs, founders and stakeholders from the Kingdom’s startup scene for interviews.

From SmallWorld’s Rithy Thul, to teams from the EPIC Programme to Banhji’s Chankiriroth Sim, our interviewees have come from many different backgrounds, each specialising in different sectors like FinTech, EdTech and AgTech.

During each session, we tailor the questions to seek out the unique features of their product or programme while finding out more about what they hope to achieve through their initiatives.

As such, most questions vary from interview to interview. However, there is one question we always ask – “What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs/startups?”

This question stems from our belief that with every journey and learning curve that an initiative goes through comes a wealth of experience that can be passed on to help further develop the Kingdom’s burgeoning startup and entrepreneurial scene.

In this light, we’ve created the following infographic featuring advice from some of our interviewees across the last 5 months.