Cambodia’s First Fully Digital E-Commerce App Launches in 8 Days

Billing itself as Cambodia’s first true e-commerce app because transactions only take place digitally, Tesjor is set for its public release on 16 February.

This application has been long in the making and Geeks in Cambodia is really excited to countdown these final 8 days before the app is released!

Developed by Pathmazing, the apps’ first target will be a market that we ought to be all too familiar with – food and beverages! Already, they have signed over 55 brands across 90 locations in Phnom Penh to the app. What’s really cool for us as users is that all brands that have signed on have agreed to giving a 10% discount on all transactions made using Tesjor.

In the future, plans are already being made to scale the app into regional markets like Singapore and Brunei.

We had the privilege of getting a preview to the Tesjor application as we sat down for an interview with Steven Path (SP), the CEO of Pathmazing and we’d like to share our experience with you!

Here’s the interview with Steven that will give you great insight into the capabilities, benefits and functions of Tesjor.

The following interview has been edited for clarity, language and flow.

What are some key features of the application?

SP: Through the app, users will be able to pre-order their food from restaurants, select a specified time they would like to dine in at, or they could select a collection time or a delivery time. What this does is that it saves a lot of time, especially during lunch for business professionals, as you could pre-order the food 30mins in advance and it would be ready for you when you walk in.

We’re able to do this because we’ve also created a separate sister app for restaurants that instantly receives the data keyed in by users. To ensure that restaurants reply to each order, we made it really irritating in that the phone does not stop vibrating or beeping until the restaurant has acknowledged the order request. Users will then have a real-time update on whether their order has been processed.

Another feature of the app is that users can pay on the app through Wing, SmartLuy or other platforms including the platform that we developed, the Khmer Wallet. These are built into Tesjor as e-payment options and users must pay before their order is processed. That’s why we call it Cambodia’s first true e-commerce app because all the payment must be done digitally and we don’t cater to cash-on-delivery requests.

For the Khmer Wallet, users will be able to top up their balances using bank apps like ABA or through the various payment kiosks as well. Users will be also able to top up their Khmer Wallets at restaurants like Domino’s Pizza, KFC, Lotteria and Tous Les Jour who have signed on to provide the service.

Aside from that, the app also has a Street View capability which allows us to do two things. Firstly, users can see the exact location of the restaurant from a street view which makes it easy to find. Secondly, our restaurant partners can also have a space to load materials like 360 videos and pictures which will help them to further promote their brand.

A preview of the Tesjor application

A preview of the Tesjor application

Why did you decide on releasing the app at this time?  

SP: We feel that Cambodia and Cambodians are more tech savvy – they are on social media and Facebook a lot. So, we thought this would be a good time to push e-commerce in Cambodia because people are ready to adopt new technologies.

We’ve also observed that Cambodians are all coming online now, they all have smartphones and there are over 7 million internet users here too. Just two years ago, I wouldn’t even have thought of releasing this because a lot fewer people were online and the infrastructure wasn’t there to support people coming online but now that has all improved.

How will you distribute the application in Cambodia?

SP: Well, we’ve got several news stories lined up and we’re thankful that many news outlets have recognised us as the first true e-commerce app to launch in Cambodia and are writing about us. So we’ve got an all-out marketing blitz to spread the word about our app when it launches and we hope that people will indeed start using it.

What has been the responses of restaurants/businesses to the app?

SP: So far, all the owners really love the Tesjor idea and are really supportive of the platform. Initially, there was some resistance in terms of us being very firm about offering the 10% discount for all transactions but eventually they caught on and agreed to it.

Even a company like MealTemple, which you would think is our competitor, really isn’t. We provide a platform to connect customers to the restaurants and if that restaurant is using MealTemple, they will still carry out the delivery. In other words, we’d like to think that we work hand-in-hand with the established eco system.

On top of the 10% discount, are there any other benefits users enjoy through the app?

SP: There are! After each transaction, they are able to collect Tesjor points or loyalty points to the specific restaurant. They could convert this into discounts for future orders, use it to increase their chances in our lucky draws or even donate to charity. Let me explain the latter two benefits.

Through the app, we’ll be able to offer several prizes that so far includes a trip to Hong Kong or Singapore, as well as Tesjor tee shirts or movie tickets. Users could use their Tesjor points to bid for these items or redeem them when they have acquired enough points.

In terms of charity, we have several charity organisations that are coming on board with us as beneficiaries. What users will be able to do, for example, is they can convert say 20 Tesjor points into a $3 donation for them.

We think that this will be a really effective way to increase contributions to charity because we found that while people are much more likely and willing to donate small amounts, no one will take the initiative or the trouble to go down to the charities just to donate this small amount.

By converting Tesjor points, the donation process is done for them and they essentially lose nothing as well because these are points they have collected while making their own transactions.

Another major benefit is the $8,000 of coupons we’re giving away each month through the “Spin the Wheel” game where users will get to win coupons valued up to $25.  They can use these coupons to make purchases in Tesjor which can cover up to 50% of the total order value.
The order screen of the Tesjor application

The order screen of the Tesjor application

How do you see the Tesjor app developing in the future?

SP: We’re starting off with the food industry but eventually, we hope to branch out into transport and when that builds up and we have a strong enough user base, we’ll then explore the accommodations and hotel market.

We’ll move into that market last because we know that at this point, if we enter that market without a large user base, we’ll be fighting a losing battle because of established entities like Agoda and

That’s all really exciting! We cannot wait for Tesjor’s release on Feb 16. Stay locked to Geeks in Cambodia as we keep you up to date with Tesjor updates and the Kingdom’s tech scene.