More females than ever too place at the latest BarCamp Kampong Cham, constituting almost two thirds of the 1673 participants who attended two days of talks, presentations and activities.

The interest amongst Cambodia’s females in the STEM sector, the BarCamp programme marks a very positive shift and the skills they are gaining will be invaluable for the country as it continues to develop a thriving tech sector.

Photo Credits: BarCamp

Photo Credits: BarCamp

With every BarCamp being an opportunity to nurture more educated people across the country, the organisers hope that they will see more economic activities through the growth of SMEs, contributing to Cambodia’s economy.

More than 35,000 Cambodian students have listened to important and informative talks from over 1,000 speakers since BarCamp first came to Cambodia in 2008, and as BarCamp continues to journey to various provinces, responding to the government’s strategy of promoting and boosting the startup and SME scene in Cambodia, the Kampong Cham event saw 26 speakers gather from all over Cambodia to speak on a wide variety of topics.

Of the 48 talks and presentations given over the two day camp, here were the 15 most popular among participants:

  1. Photo tips with mobile phones

  2. Walk smart, walk away, spend less

  3. Create good habits for yourself to succeed in life

  4. Learn how to learn a foreign language effectively

  5. Get up! Stepping forward

  6. How to make communication effective?

  7. Lifelong learning or how to use open data for getting a scholarship

  8. What should you do after graduation?

  9. What is Vlogging? Why Vlog?

  10. Digital Marketing Methods – Required skills

  11. How to prepare for first business?

  12. How to work effectively?

  13. Experience of starting a business from less capital

  14. When to start a business?

  15. The key to becoming an entrepreneur while in college.

With the completion of another successful BarCamp, Geeks in Cambodia would like to urge students in tertiary education to join in the upcoming events in Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh and Battambang. To learn more about where BarCamp is going next, click here.

Photo Credits: BarCamp

Photo Credits: BarCamp