Cambodian Science & Engineering Festival 2017: 3 Days of Fun-Filled STEM.

Where can you find stunning traditional dances and local performances coupled with rows of exhibitions of seemingly magical hands-on experiments with self-forming foam and fire that can be held in hands?

On-stage fire experiment demonstration
Source: CSEF Team 

At the 2017 Cambodian Science and Engineering Festival (CSEF), of course!

In its third run, the largest and most anticipated celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) the Kingdom has seen did not disappoint and received an incredible turnout of over 23 thousand total visitors across the three days of the festival.

The largest turnout for CSEF yet with various schools and visitors participating across the three days.
Source: CSEF team 

Aimed at youths with the belief that the limitless wonders of STEM should be discovered in a fun and interactive way, CSEF definitely hit the mark with the diverse exhibitions set up by over 50 local and international institutions, corporations, educational institutions, organisations and companies in the STEM field.

These major organisations include Smart Axiata, Coca Cola,  Microsoft Cambodia, IDP Education/ACE and the Mini Maker Fair – a project that brings together various innovations made by students and innovative creators.

NGOs working on environmental, educational and engineering projects under the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development were also invited, along with student volunteers from STEM-related majors who were given the opportunity to showcase their student projects and experiments.

With such a stellar lineup of exhibitors, visitors and students who joined the festival had the opportunity to experience hands-on various high-tech devices such as virtual reality and other laboratory equipments, allowing them to learn and explore the practicality and applications of concepts they learn in schools.

Participants had the chance to do hands-on learning and experiments at the various booths.
Source: CSEF 2017 

Staying true to its goal of encouraging STEM learning to youths, many other fun games and group activities were also peppered throughout the festival such as building spaghetti towers with density cylinders and learning the basics of coding via Minecraft. Music and dance performances from enthusiastic local talents such as Laura Mam, Kmeng Khmer, Adda, were also present across the three days to pump up the festivities and energy at the event.

CSEF 2017 has definitely been a stand out from its previous years as the biggest CSEF yet, with a significant increase in exhibitors, visitors, activities and experiments, making it more energy-charged and interactive than ever at the outdoor setting of the National Olympic Stadium.

But the most interesting difference comes in the form of a STEM Master Competition that debut in this CSEF in which students from various schools formed groups and competed in the four STEM subjects.

Since its successful launch 3 years ago, CSEF has brought to the Kingdom’s STEM scene an engaging and inclusive festival filled with a myriad of learning points delivered in a nice wrapping of fun and interactivity. It seems hard to believe that CSEF can get any better than this, but every year, the festival never fails to outdo its’ previous year’s self.

Geeks in Cambodia is definitely excited to see what CSEF would bring to the STEM table next year. With its praiseworthy track record, we feel that it is safe to say that it’ll be 3 amazing, enriching days of fun that would undoubtedly not disappoint.