Arrowdot, a Cambodian technology firm, has announced that FireDot, a fire alarm device linked to an app that alerts users about fires on their properties, is now available to the public.

According to a report from the Fire and Rescue Police Department, fires have caused damage to about 418 homes and buildings and killed 10 people in only the first half of this year.

FireDot was developed to combat fatalities and disastrous damage to property. The device, priced at $45, was produced by young Cambodian developers Kao Panha and Sieng Oubol.

The device has two main functions. When it detects fire, it sets of an alarm and sends an SMS and then calls the connected phone to inform users about a possible fire.

FireDot can show the location of the fire through a GPS to alert the fire brigade as well. If linked with water systems in buildings, it can also release water to put out the initial flame.

Panha, one of the device’s developers, said: “I want users to know that it will look and perform better in the future. When connecting with GPS and Wi-Fi, it takes a code number to access the Internet so we know the location of the fire.”

The device runs on a battery, so if flames cause a power cut, it will still be able to fulfil its purpose. It is also set to be upgraded into a USB rechargeable device.