“Business Chats with Facebook” introduces the best marketing strategies for SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses in Cambodia are working hard to adapt to the economic challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic with many looking to the rapid digitization of the local economy as an opportunity for success.

To support small businesses in Cambodia and help entrepreneurs achieve online success, Facebook has launched the second Khmer-language webinar in a series called “Business Chats with Facebook” which features experts in digital marketing and social and conversational commerce.

In the latest episode, broadcast live on Facebook, Sopanha Hem, Country Head of Httpool Cambodia, the Authorized Sales Partner of Facebook in Cambodia, outlined best practices in creating attractive content, building a Facebook page, managing ads, reaching your target audience and more.

The first video, highlights of which can be viewed here, featured a lively discussion on conversational commerce, and explored new opportunities for using apps like Messenger or Instagram to reach customers and close sales.

The main recommendations for SMBs were to build up a Facebook page with strong and attractive content, dive deeper into Facebook ads management and make use of its tools for setting objectives and measuring results.

One of the key points raised during the webinar was that to reach the goals entrepreneurs want to achieve when running ads on Facebook, they need to focus on sales of products and services instead of likes and engagement.

“From our experience in other Asian and European markets, we understand the needs of small businesses and have first hand expertise about how Facebook can help them grow. Using the right tools and following our expert advice, SMBs can reach their goals more effectively,” said Sopanha.

The latest online talk can be accessed at Geeks in Cambodia Facebook Page. In the upcoming episodes, social media experts and Facebook representatives will chat and answer questions about different aspects of doing business on Facebook including a new Facebook Shops feature or influencer marketing.