Big Booster: A Cambodian Startup’s Gateway To The World

Organised and supported by The French Tech network, a network Geeks in Cambodia is also part of; BigBooster is an international non-profit startup acceleration programme has opened its doors to 4 continents, including Asia. The programme is currently calling for Cambodian startups to sign up and be empowered to propel their products into international markets.

Hoch Didier, the Director of the BigBooster programme said, “If you are a Cambodian startup in Bio and Health, Informative Tech and Global Impact, aiming to cross borders, think global and go international, Big Booster could help you!”

In its third year running, BigBooster helps early-stage startups by connecting startups to innovative & established ecosystems such as: Lyon/Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region (FR -EU), Boston/Massachussets(US), China (Shangai-Shenzhen) and Middle-East Africa, as well as to local/regional partners.

Alumni of the programme such as Enovap have achieved much success since winning BigBooster. Enovap, an e-cigarette company, has raised 214% of their crowdfunding goal and even won a “Seal of Excellence” by the European Commission within the H2020 European Program Framework for its ability to help users quit smoking.

This year’s BigBooster programme runs over a 9-month period, and within this period are three stages. Firstly, selected startups will travel to Lyon, France for a three day Booster Camp where participants will undergo intensive training and networking, even crash testing their business plans with professionals and peers. Additionally, ad-hoc mentoring acts as a platform for entrepreneurs to have their questions answered and gain invaluable advice from industry professionals.

Among the participating startups, 50 of them will proceed to BoosterHub, for an internship with partners of the programme, providing startups with an insider look into the everyday running of an established firm and the opportunity to learn first-hand from an industry expert.

In the final stage, 25 startups will be selected and split based on their geographical areas. Accordingly, teams will be sent to Boston, Massachusetts for the USA, Shanghai and Shenzhen for Asia or Casablanca, Beirut/Tunis for Middle-East-Africa. These startups will get the opportunity to network and connect with local and international partners who are committed to their success.

For startups in the Kingdom, BigBooster could be the answer to accelerating growth and broadening consumer bases. Therefore, don’t miss your chance and sign by 1 October 2017!