Be part of the world’s largest emerging technologies conferences, EmTech Asia

EmTech Asia 2018 is happening from 30 to 31 January at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore! Hosted by the world’s oldest and most respected technology publication since 1899, the MIT Technology Review, EmTech is an annual global emerging technologies conference, which has been also dubbed as the world’s most important conference on emerging technologies that matter.

As part of its widespread popularity, this unique event has grown into a huge global community; having events all over such as in the United States, Europe, South America, India, Hong Kong, and now, Singapore.

Aiming to showcase the emerging technologies that withhold the greatest potential to change our lives and be an access point to the most innovative people and companies in the world, EmTech Asia is an opportunity for all to glimpse what innovation the future holds.

This edition of EmTech Asia will particularly focus on four key themes, consisting of: Digital Economy: Disruption, Transformation & Opportunity, Industry 4.0, Future of Humanity and Rewriting Life. For a more in-depth description of the following sub-themes, you can head down here.

With that, participants will definitely get to experience a inspiration-filled and jam-packed course of events over the 2 days.

Firstly, not only will you get to hear how future technologies will revolutionalise businesses in the next 5 years, but you will hear from the tech companies who are leading this transformation themselves. This includes scientists and technologists leading the next wave of tech breakthroughs and innovations at organisations such as Airbus, Alibaba, Google Deepmind, Hyperloop One, HTC Vive, MIT, NVIDIA, Sony Computer Science Labs, SpaceX, Tencent and many more.

Apart from that, this conference is the perfect time to brush up on your knowledge of the latest tech trends as you will get to hear insights from over 40 industry expert speakers from a wide range of industries; ranging from artificial intelligence to space, genomics and more, as well as 10 rising Innovators Under the age of 35.

Through these series of talks, you will also discover ways in which emerging technologies could impact your business and how to leverage and incorporate disruptive technologies to propel your business to greater heights. For a full list of the speakers you can expect, you can take a look here.

On top of gaining valuable knowledge from some of the top innovators and influential leaders of today, you can expect to network with over 700 like-minded individuals sharing the innovation bug too! These individuals range from CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Strategy and Innovation, Investors and R&D Heads from a whole plethora of technology-driven industries.

So if you are a Cambodian techie interested in being part of the big celebration of emerging technologies in the Asian Region, tickets are currently going for SGD$1795 till 29 January 2018 and you can purchase them here! For more information on the event, you can also visit their website at