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Roman is the "gadget geek" of the team, consistently hunting for the latest cool and trendy stuff. Addicted to tech accessories, and glad to share information with other geeks, he is deeply convinced that Cambodia is the perfect home for his geeky finds to spread out !

Posts by Roman Di Geronimo:


Gadget Review : Leap Motion

Leap Motion gadget seems to be about to revolutionize the way we use computers, with some cool 3-D Motion-Control features.
So what is Leap Motion ? It’s a new device launched by the motion-control company, featuring a software that allows people to control their computers with hand and finger movements. People can buy and download … More


Introducing Google Chromecast

More than a gadget, Google Chromecast is already described as a “fast, cheap, and easy new go-to way to stream your favourite shows”.
First let’s have a quick overview to understand better what this device is about : Google Chromecast is a small “USB like” device (but with an HDMI output) that can be purchased … More


Gadget Review : iblazr Flash

Our pick of the day : a new gadget for iPhone camera’s addicts !

If you are struggling with your photos taken by night, iblazr gadget can bring a useful flash light for dark shots.
Although photo performances are really high on smartphones those days, we can say built-in flash lights offer most of … More


The Fliike : Facebook In Real Life

Today’s pick is not made in Asia, but it’s definitely interesting for all businesses around here !
Introducing “The Fliike”, a smart way to integrate social media IRL (“In Real Life”) .
The Fliike is a device to be displayed in concrete stores, giving informations about the shop or business number of Facebook fans.



Gadget Review : The Voltmaker

As we like to share tips on iPhone’s gadgets, today’s pick is focused on an accessory that can also be used with iPhones, smartphones and other devices such as tablets or handheld game console for instance.

The Voltmaker gadget is a charger, which use can be quickly understood thanks to its tagline : “Completely … More

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