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Rattana is a serial geek, seriously addicted to Facebook, and deeply convinced that social media and blogging can bring a lot to Cambodia. Rattana recently took up residence at E. C. Digital Solutions, and currently navigates between marketing and sales. Rattana makes sure all articles from Geeks in Cambodia are displayed in Khmer for the pleasure of our dear readers !

Posts by Rattana Keo:


Retrospective: Smart City Workshop in Cambodia: The Internet of Things

On 16th June 2015, the ICT Federation of Cambodia (ICTF) organised a Smart City workshop at the SOMA Tower. Under the umbrella of the ICTF, SOMA Group has developed a foresight in constructing a new town that will take up approximately 60 hectares on a few kilometers out of Phnom Penh.


Retrospective : gDay & DevFest Cambodia 2014

Are you a Google lover? Then you probably know that gDay & DevFest Cambodia 2014 took place last week on 29 and 30 November at Zaman University. This event was organized in cooperation between two Google communities, namely Google Business Group Phnom Penh (GBG Phnom Penh) organiser of gDay and Google Developer Group Phnom Penh (GDG Phnom Penh) organiser of DevFest.

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