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Never found too far from one of his bicycles, Peter has spent much of the past 12 years working and traveling in Asia, with brief stints in West Africa and London to break things up. An internationally published author, photographer and editor, he has an unquenchable spirit of exploration, and is always planning his next adventure

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CareersCon 2018 — Talks, advice and job opportunities

The first Cambodia Careers Convention (CareersCon) will take place at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia in Phnom Penh on September 15 and 16, with 3,000 participants expected to come to listen to the expert panels and talk to representatives from the 50 companies and institutions looking for staff.
With Cambodian schools and universities graduating … More


Twitter in Cambodia?

“No one uses Twitter in Cambodia,” is a phrase often repeated when discussing the relative values of the different social media channels for entrepreneurs and startups. But is it true?


Sala Enrollment — Online Cambodian University Information

Searching for the right university to study at has traditionally been a frustrating, time consuming, confusing, and sometimes expensive experience in Cambodia.
In addition to a lack of central database of universities and courses making it difficult for students to choose the best degree for them, the very process of viewing universities is difficult some. … More

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