App Review : KeyMe, Store your keys in the cloud

Locking yourself outdoor has never been a pleasant experience. It makes you waste a lot of time and money when you have to change the entire lock. KeyMe saves time and money with digital solutions for unlucky people locked out of their house.

KeyMe is an iOS application that allows you to scan a key with your smartphone. More specifically the app generates coded instructions that any locksmith can read and duplicate your lost key. KeyMe features a GPS option to help you find the closest locksmiths from your current position. Assuming you have stored your key’s info or you can contact your partner or roommate, you can move to the nearby key maker to duplicate your key. If scanning a key is free, you will pay $10 for retrieving your key’s info, a reasonable price that will save your time and your money when it comes to calling in a professional. In fact when you lose your keys, you will be likely to choose the safety solution and change the entire lock, what represents a personal investment of $100+.

In order to facilitate the service KeyMe has established kiosks that generate your key for less. You can find these kiosks in certain parts of New York for the moment. For those who are not urged by the loss of the key, they can get a physical copy through KeyMe’s mail order service. For the Geeks side, users can even customize the new key with Star Wars or Hello Kitty characters.

Of course there are safety concerns when it comes to scanning keys on a mobile App. But KeyMe is very attentive to the confidentiality of users’ personal data and use a strong verification process to provide the highest level of security. Mobile registration necessitates email verification and kiosk registration requires fingerprint recognition.


Source : Mashable