Aniwaa adds drone data to its review platform

Phnom Penh based tech review and comparison website Aniwaa have added drones to their ever-growing list of information, in an effort to provide a centralised home for all things new in tech.

The scattered and incomplete nature of many review sites has made it hard for drone buyers to get an objective sense of the products in the market, explained Aniwaa co-founder Pierre-Antoine Arrighi.

“New hardware is being released frequently, which is creating a very fragmented market space and making it difficult for potential buyers to make an informed choice. We aim to fix this by providing actionable tools and content to help our users find the best drone for their needs and budget.”

SCREENSHOT - drone comparison engine

There are already more than 80 drone reviews on the Aniwwa site, which also includes reviews and comparison data for 3D printers, 3D scanners and VR and AR headsets. The latter two were added in July 2018, which Martin Lansard, Aniwaa CEO and co-founder noted at the time “makes it easier for our users to embrace the future.”

We look forward to reading more about the latest drone technology, and let’s see what Aniwaa adds next!