Angkor App – Supporting Tourism in Cambodia

Created by volunteers at the Children’s non-governmental organisation (NGO) Anjali house, the Angkor App helps to provide users with an audio/visual guide to the Angkor Wat.

When conducting a survey in late 2015, Don Hodges and Kate Murphy found that there was a space in the market for such an app because of tourists’ desire to explore the landmark at their own time instead of being led by a tour guide.

Branded as a comprehensive audio visual tour guide for Angkor Wat in the palm of your hands, the app features 15 explanatory videos, an interactive map and rub away photographs depicting the past and present of the Angkor Wat.

To make things easier for users, the app is fully integrated into your phone’s system which means that no wifi or mobile data is required to access its full features.

That could prove to be a big advantage for the application as you will be able to continue to explore the temple regardless of the strength of your mobile connection.

On the app’s interactive map, a legend is used to help guide your experience at Angkor Wat. Each of the sections contain either a point of interest, which is marked by a purple circle and a headphone sign, a star, signifying a highlight and a shaded box, which signifies a rub away picture.

At each points of interest, you can plug in your headphones and listen to an audio explanation of the area you are at. As for the shaded box, you’ll be able to see how Angkor looked like in the past as compared to how it looks like today.

This ought to give you a truly unique and interactive experience as you will always be able to revisit portions that you really like or might have missed out on and control your own time as you explore the landmark.

What’s more, all profits from the application will be given to the Anjali house which means that using the app also allows you to contribute to a worthy societal cause.

The application is now available through both the App Store and Google Play Store which should make it really accessible as long as you are a smartphone user.

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