A new Youtube’s app for Windows Phone, with or without Google’s help

In opposition to Youtube’s apps on IOS and Android devices, the one previously available on Windows phone didn’t seem to meet users’ needs. That’s obviously one of the reasons why it has been decided to rebuild this app and offer a better user experience, as well as more features.

youtube windows phone

Microsoft previously claimed that Google had locked up some access to Youtube platform, causing as a result some compatibility issues, and preventing them from building a native Youtube Windows phone app.

So today both companies could have overcome their disagreement, event though some also say that Microsoft remained on its own for this new app development.

Anyway, a rebuilt Windows 8 Phone app comes along, featuring a complete new design and the following functions :

- Managing profile and channels

- Searching and sharing videos (via emails, messages, social networks…)

- Pinning videos, playlists and channels

- Securing browsing to provide safe watching for children

Also, a good thing is that from now you can let the music play from a video, even when the screen is locked.

Updates for Windows 7 and 7.5 are also coming in few weeks.

Update on 05/16/13 : The Verge magazine just revealed the fact that Google demands the withdrawal of this mobile app from Windows phone, as well as the deactivation of all downloads made before may 22nd. Google reproaches the Windows app with allowing to download videos and watch them offline. Google also complains about the fact that advertisements are mostly blocked when using this version of  Youtube mobile app. Therefore, Google requested the app to be disabled right away. In response to this request, Microsoft declared to be more than willing to include more advertisements henceforth. To this, Google declared to be “looking forward to solving this matter together for their mutual customers”.