A mobile game for social good in Cambodia

Last week we had the pleasure to introduce the cambodia-based company Osja, a game development studio created in Phnom Penh in november 2011.

This studio has not only developed mobile games made for fun purpose, they actually also created a mobile game for social good purpose, called the «Good men Quiz».

This project was initiated by a spanish NGO called Paz y Desarrollo, which focuses on education, equality rights, social justice and gender issues. The idea of this campaign was to use gamification to educate about domestic violences, in a way that would be fun and interactive.

Available for free on any android devices, the mobile game is fully featured in khmer language. We were very eager to learn more about this initiative, as it bridges technology, education and fun ! In this regards, the «Good Men Quiz» sounded more than interesting to us and we really enjoyed giving it a try.

So basically how does it work ?

First, you can download the game from the Google Play Store. Then, once runned, you access the main menu, allowing you to start a new game.

the good men quizz

It will then start as a sort of TV game show. You enter the game as one of the competitors, and you start with spinning a wheel.


When the wheel stops, some questions come through and you have to answer step by step.


In the end, you have to make at least 8 questions right to be considered as a «Good Man» ; but when you get your final score and spot your wrong answers, you’re given clear and detailed explanations on why your answer wasn’t actually right. This allows to sensibilize people on domestic violence issues, while having fun at the same time.



If you speak khmer and want to enter the «Good Men» game, you can download the app here. The studio also informed us that a web version would be released as well.

You can have a look at the following TV spot made for the «Good Men» campaign :

You’ll aslo find more TV spots here, and will learn more about the campaign here.