A mobile app for lovers

“Bringing couples closer together through the use of technology”, here is the motto of  LoveByte, a lovely mobile app, tailored for couples users.

Indeed, LoveByte provides features dedicated to lovers, in opposition to any other open social network, where shared contents could be available for everyone. What matters to LoveByte is to give access to a privileged space, in order to share special contents and make the other one feel special too.

So basically, how does it work ?

First you can dowload the app from the Apple store or the Android market. Then, you will be asked to register, with your logins and your lover ones.

After that, your dashboard is available and you can start playing with the app, a quick tutorial allows to have an overview of the app features.


You can set the date when your relationship started, post photos and organize your albums.

You can also send notes, and track any significant event thanks to a calendar (featuring reminders, very useful to avoid to forget important dates !)

LoveByte also provides some geeky stuff, bringing fun to the user experience.

Personalized “Scratchcards” can be sent to your loved one, who will discover your message step by step by scratching the card on his / her phone screen.


A chat is also available, through which you can send funny and cute stickers expressing your mood or feelings. The chat also allows to see when your partner last logged in to the app.


 LoveByte brings to couples a fun and private way to browse through their special moments and keep record of their happy times.

A special thank to Steve and his team we had a great pleasure to meet in Singapore!