A Low Cost iPhone could be released this year

The rumor has it : a low cost iPhone could be released by the end of the year (probably in September).

Apple could start developing a new kind of device, a middle range iPhone with a lower cost, in direction to emerging markets (such as Asian one).

Katy Huberty (Morgan Stanley’s chief Apple watcher),  recently announced, after her visit to tech suppliers in China, “the opportunity for Apple to expand market coverage with 5-inch and lower-priced iPhones over time”.

Apple should start building those new iPhones models in June or July of this year, and they should be available around September or later this year.

This low cost iPhone targeting emerging markets, is announced with a starting price of 300$, a plastic wrap (instead of a metallic one),  a 3G connexion (no 4G available), a basic screen (retina not available, and probably 4 or 5 inches sized). Its features would allow regular web surfing, and basic phone calls, but nothing more.

This move should allow Apple to expand its presence in Asia, and especially in China. This information remains only a rumor, and so far we only heard that Apple should release around 2,5 millions of those devices every quarter. Although it seems that China’s market will be targeted, we don’t know yet if this item will be available in Cambodia. More informations should come through in the following weeks, so we’ll keep you updated.